Improve Your eCommerce Performance

Why Smart Rankings?
We analyze your shopper activity.
In real-time we translate this into a
ranking of your most relevant products.
Zafu Improve Conversion
Using Smart Rankings

How it works

How It Works

Learn what your users want

As your visitors browse we collect data about
their behavior and preferences.


Show your trending products in real-time.
Zafu Algorithms work behind the scenes.

Convert Higher

When shoppers see products “they” love
it translates into higher conversion.

Showing your customer the products they want has never been easier


No change to your UX

Smart Rankings is invisible to end users.
They can focus on browsing and shopping,
which is what we all want.

Implement in hours

Clients implement in less than a day.
A single line of JavaScript, your standard
product feed and 3 tracking pixels.

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You are always in control

Smart Rankings Analytics

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